Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ECAD criminal provision omitted by Councilmember Laura Morrison

A summary published by the Austin City Council of the "Ordinances and Resolutions Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by Council Member Laura Morrison", omits any mention of the Energy Conservation and Disclosure ordinance's Class C misdemeanor penalty for non-compliance and a fine of up to $2000.
Here is the body of that text:

"Approve an ordinance adding a new Chapter 6-7 to the City Code relating to energy conservation audit and disclosure requirements, incorporating recommendations from the Energy Efficiency Retrofits Task Force, to become effective June 1, 2009. (Mayor Will Wynn, Council Member Lee Leffingwell and Council Member Laura Morrison)

Achieving energy efficiency savings in homes and buildings prior to the implementation of modern energy codes will have a significant impact oncommunity-wide energy use. These cost-effective energy efficiency improvements are proven to increase housing affordability and lower businessoperating costs. In December 2007, the City Council established the Energy Efficiency Retrofit Task Force to identify and recommend revisions to the city code to implement cost-effective energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades to Austin homes and buildings. This ordinance incorporates the recommendations of the task force by providing for an energy audit at the point of sale that would offer recommendations to home owners on voluntary upgrades. Additionally, the ordinance, among other things, initiates a process for pursuing energy efficiency upgrades for existing apartment buildings."

NOTE: The "Task Force" did not recommend a criminal provision for non-compliance, that stupid idea was the brainchild of Mayor Will Wynn and the property-rights trampling Austin City Council.

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