Sunday, July 25, 2010

Austin Energy Adds More Capacity

As an energy serf of Austin Energy, (I can't buy electricity from the free market in my geographic area), I received a copy of "PowerPlus", a full-color, two-sided flyer in my utility bill for the month of July.

The front page proudly proclaims:

"Two new jet engine-driven generating units have been added to the Austin Energy Sand Hill Energy Center, located just east of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. These 50 megawatt (MW) units are literally jet engines just like those on jetliners, except these engines have been modified to turn an electric generator. Fifty megawatts is sufficient electricity to power about 37,000 homes."

Wow. I thought the Austin City Council implemented the Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure ordinance to reduce energy usage. This stupid ordinance has been in place for one year and Austin Energy is adding more power generating capacity?

I thought we were going to conserve our way to some arbitrary amount of total annual megawatt consumption as determined by some carbon-hysterical, central-planning council?

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