Sunday, November 14, 2010

Austin Energy Best Offer Ever Omits Some Details

I love these Austin Energy propaganda pieces. 

In this Fox news report, Jerry Ollier, an Austin homeowner who has to buy electricity from Austin Energy; (there is no other provider to compete with Austin's power monopoly), needed to replace his defunct air conditioner. He calls Austin Energy or Strand Brothers and inquires about the rebates the utility is offering.

Austin Energy decides to hold a press conference to publicize the new "Best Offer Ever" program, calls Fox news, and tah-dah! A camera-crew shows up.

The reporter is outside with a window-shade installer who talks about a "60% sunscreen that effectively blocks and protects you from the glare and heat of the sun". I assume this sunscreen blocks 60% of the sun's heat in the winter too.

Mr. Ollier told the reporter that overall he was pleased with the improvements.

However, I'm always cautious when I don't hear these five words in news reports on home improvement projects that involve Austin Energy...How. Much. Did. It. Cost?

$5000? $10,000? We'll never know because the news reports never tell us.

So the next time you hear Austin Energy touting a single-family home energy retrofit, ask yourself, why is the cost of the work never mentioned?

Your Austin Energy Serf,

John Barksdale

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